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Dr. Artis Tawheed  is a practicing Chiropractor for over 34 years and is the inheritor  of a unique spiritual technique he calls Down Load Healing (DLH).    With a strong desire to help others, and a deep love for his work explains why his dedication is a testimony to his commitment to continue researching this unique Spiritual healing system for over 31 years' This is his life work and passion and he is ready to share it with the world. In addition Dr. Tawheed clearly understands that he is not the healer, he just uses the tools that have been created by the Creator of your understanding to effect positive change by releasing this power in our mind, body and soul. 

WHAT IS (DLH) The technique ?

It is a non touch, hands off healing system that does not require any photos, or phone conversations. This system can be experienced anywhere in the world.   (DLH) is the technique that removes negative thought energy by removing  stress, congestion, stagnation and blocks from the Chakra, Meridian, Latiaf, Nervous and Nadi systems. Thus restoring natural and normal energy flow.  When negative obstructions (energy) are removed this stimulates and balance the energy centers causing increased absorption of more universal healing energy which stimulates the body to heal and come back into harmony and balance. This Healing energy is what we call the Doctor within or Healndoc.


Imagine  the ocean representing all the universal healing energy in existence and imagine a faucet is attached  to this ocean that is completely open and imagine a hose is also attached to this faucet, that hose is you, problem is this hose have big knots (interference) in it. The job of Download healing is to untie the big knots so that you can experience this ever present, unlimited healing power that is already residing in you working to bring you back to vibratory balance. 


Download healing works like this  the patient gives the universal mind a key word (I'm open to receive download healing) which allows the patient to gain access enabling them to download this file ( download healing) into their subconscious mind where innate intelligence will open this file read and follow the instructions to remove all forms of interference.     
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