Download Healing Live is a system utilizing Dr Tawheed's technique to remove energy imbalances so that The Healer Within a.k.a universal energy (Healndoc)  can influence and bring the body back into balance. In this process systems are adjusted to remove nerve  interference, restore nerve flow, balance Meridians, Nadi, Lataifa, Axioltonal and chakras by cleaning and removing negative energy from these systems thus restoring energetic balance. The goal is to maintain a daily consistent level of this harmonizing energy  which will hopefully lead to better health. 


Our goal is to make these therapies affordable and available to all of humanity.  With Download Healing Live we can accomplish this for a fraction of the cost. For $70 per month ($.47 cents per/session)  you have access to  5 sessions a day at the 5 prescribed times for a total of  150 energy  sessions per month. The goal for the first 2 months/60 days is to help you to establish your vibratory base line and to maintain structural balance. This way you will know what it feels like to be inalignement with yourself.