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Hello and big thanks to you Dr Tawheed for all the wonderful healing you have been giving me. It dramatically improved my menstral and head pain.  Blessing to you and much continued success for all the wonderful  healing you do for all of us around  the world.

D. Salinas         



I had head, neck and right hip pain.  The first treatment I felt significant relief and after the second treatment I'm pain free.  Thank you so much....Peace, love and light.

Myrnah Bekki



Hi Dr Tawheed
Thank you so much for sending us healing energy.  We sat as a family in our living room and all received it. Frotunately, and I'm sure by no coincidence, my husband did not go to work today because he was having a terrible spasm in his lower back.  Sometimes the spasm is so intense he couldn't even breath.  Thank G'd he was able to be home with us for the healing as he is the one who needed it most.  He reported that the pain is much better after the  heal ing.  My mother in law and step kids all reported a felling of being relaxed, and I did as well. Thank you again..



Imagine  the ocean representing all the universal healing energy in existence and imagine a faucet is attached  to this ocean that is completely open and imagine a hose is also attached to this faucet, that hose is you, problem is this hose have big knots (interference) in it. The job of Download healing is to untie the big knots so that you can experience this ever present, unlimited healing power that is already residing in you working to bring you back to vibratory balance. 


Download healing works like this  the patient gives the universal mind a key word (I'm open to receive download healing) which allows the patient to gain access enabling them to download this file ( download healing) into their subconscious mind where innate intelligence will open this file read and follow the instructions to remove all forms of interference.     
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