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Q: How is the energy “channeled” into the body? ...
A: through the meridians, shakra and dosha and they are all connect to the universal energy
Q: How do I prepare for an Energy Healing treatment? ...
A: Find a quiet place, put on comfortable clothes, drink water, repeat silently "I'm open to recieve this therapy"
Q: Is there anything in particular I should do following an Energy Healing session?
A: try to relax up to 30-60 mins to allow the energy to intergrate with the body
Q: Is energy therapy a cure or replacement for medical treatments?: 
A: energy therapy has not been scientifically proven as a medical cure, 
    but some say it complements medical treatments well.
    It is fine for people who are pregnant or have other health conditions, 
    and it doesn't matter what medication you are taking.
Q: What is a chakra?
A: In many Eastern and spiritual belief systems, 
   chakras are spinning energy centers in the body that correspond to major organs 
   and nerve bundles. The word "chakra" comes from the Sanskrit word cakra, 
   which means "wheel" or "cycle". Chakras are thought to affect a person's emotional 
   and physical well-being, and are said to run up the spine from the pelvic area 
   to the crown of the head.
Q: What does "Download Healing" mean?
A: "Download" means, you are connecting to the energy to you are to receive; "Healing", removing of the blocks
   stagnation, congestion energy which allows the intelligence within to do it's job.

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