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Tapping into your natural connection to the Universe

Download Healing Live is a non-touch, hands-off healing system. This system, introduced by Dr. Tawheed, utilizes a technique to remove energy imbalances allowing The Healer Within, a.k.a Universal Energy (Healndoc), to influence and bring the body back into balance.


In this process, systems are adjusted to remove nerve interference, restore nerve flow, balance Meridians, Nadi, Latifa, Axioltonal, and chakras by cleaning and removing negative energy from these systems, thus restoring energetic balance.

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This system can be experienced anywhere in the world as it utilizes the Universal Mind, which is present within all of us. We give this Mind a Key Word, which activates the download process that unlocks a dynamic buffet of Spiritual Healing Therapies.


What follows is the balancing of all energy systems. In addition to unblocking the Chakra, Meridian, Latiafa, Nervous and Ayurvedic systems, it realigns Muscles, Bones, removes stress, congestion, and stagnation. Thus restoring your natural and normal energy flow. When negative obstructions (energy) are removed, this stimulates and balances the energy centers causing increased absorption of universal healing energy, stimulating the body to self-heal.


This Healing energy (which is your energy by way of your connection to it) is called by many different names having the same objective:

to Heal. We call this inner healer Healndoc.



This form of healing requires that all participants hold hands forming a circle connecting to the patient to raise their vibration to the healing vibration of the individual or individuals. 

Details Coming Soon
Image by Billy Pasco
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